The Fabulous Bookwormzillas are five budding literary phenoms, (their pseudonym follows their name in parenthesis) namely…Hunter,  Austyn (Cherokee Skye),  Keagan (Keag), and  Zyan (Z) Cunningham and Gabriella (Alyssa Roberts) Nedelykovic.  These young writers, sometimes referred to by the group’s acronym “The FABZ” are a literary arts/writing collaborative. They range in ages from 4 to 18 years old.  Each child is gifted in their own specialty which includes but is not limited to writing, poetry, film making, photography, illustration, and motivational speaking,  The Fabulous Bookwormzillas, Inc is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity founded and guided by San Dei  English-Anderson (GoldenEagle) for the purpose that these young ambassadors may promote the love of reading, writing and literacy, and make learning fun and memorable.  The Fabulous Bookwormzillas write and publish their own books to spread their literary cheer to children that are hospitalized, institutionalized, and/or marginalized.  They also read at schools, libraries, book festivals, churches, boys & girls clubs, and many diverse events.  Their motto: “Nourish your brain…read it to feed it!”

Author: TheFabulousBookwormzillas

Founder/President of The Fabulous Bookwormzillas, Inc. A non-profit 501(3)(3) Children's Literary/Writing Collaborative. Work:


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