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PRESS RELEASE: MEET THE AUTHORS: The Fabulous Bookwormzillas!


PHOTOS: ( Large photo of chihuahua bottom left. Photos of Bookwormzillas! are named starting far left , across then down)

ROCKO:   Chihuahua, telepathic doggie, muse, Bookwormzilla!

Hunter G. Cunningham  (HG) – Writer, filmmaker,Young Entrepenuer, Bookwormzilla!

Austyn C. Cunningham  (Cherokee Skye) – Writer, Poetess, Conceptual Thinker, Bookwormzilla!

Keagan S. Cunningham (Keag) – Writer, Creator of Artistic Scenarios for Illustrating, Young Visionary, Bookwormzilla!

Zyan S. Cunningham  (Z) – Writer, Stylize Artistic Imagery for Kids, Bookwormzilla!

Gabriella Nedelykovic  (Alyssa Roberts} – Writer, DesignerInventor, Bookwormzilla!


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